Shock absorbers DINO Spider 2400

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Shock absorbers DINO Spider 2400

Postby Manzoni » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:21 am

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself ... my name is Michele, very happy owner of a Dino Spider 2400 of 1970, bottle green, olive green interior ... wanting to give it a refresher, I'm looking for a good technical service where to buy what I need ... after my mechanic has checked everything...!
I think that apart full service kit, I need brake pads, brake hoses, radiator hoses, etc,; I was interested to know if someone had already did shopping for his Dino and where did it and if the spare was right ...
one thing I wanted to know ... is if anyone has ever taken apart the shock absorbersand and has them replaced or repaired. What brand are original parts ..?
The two English sites of spares Dino:

and ... uspension/

sell KONI as spare parts; but on the official website of the KONI, there isn't reference ...
In Italy I only know Maurizio Zanella that has replacement parts for Dino ...
What about ...?
Thanks regards Michael
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Re: Shock absorbers DINO Spider 2400

Postby Georg » Tue Apr 11, 2017 3:40 pm

Hi Michele

The original front shock absorbers for the Dinos 2400 were produced by RIV, an Italian company that later had been acquired by SKF. RIV also produced bearings. Original Dino bearings regularly show the stamp RIV.

The Koni front shocks are a good alternative to the RIV originals. They are even adjustable. Should you look for RIVs, I still have a set, and I believe those are new. I would have to check.

The rear shocks are special. That system had been applied to Fiat Dinos 2400 and Fiat 130 Berlina and Coupé exclusively. They look identical; however, they differ in length between these three cars so they are not interchangeable.

I am not sure if RIV also supplied those. But it is likely.

There is a Koni replacement for the RIVs, offered by Dinoparts. It is very expensive.

As far as I know the rear shocks can be opened and refurbished. A shocks specialist should be able to do it. It should be cheaper as buying new Konis.

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Re: Shock absorbers DINO Spider 2400

Postby ebrown5686 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 2:05 am

Hello Michele,
I took the plunge and ordered a full set of front and rear Koni's from DinoParts. Just looking at them, they were beefier than the stock units, with thick center shafts, particularly on the rears. They fit perfectly. For some reason I decided to start out with full soft all the way around. To my surprise, I really liked the result...very compliant but well-snubbed on a rough road, well-matched between front and rear, and just a really good touring car sort of feel. It reminded me of Audi's that I've owned! I realize that's not necessarily what we're shooting for with our Dino spiders, and I plan to take them up to halfway as a trial. I'd be happy to offer a report, but it might be a month or two. I kind of like them the way they are! I am getting older, I have to admit.
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