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Re: Fiat Dino Tacho

Postby Stefan2000 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:01 pm

I think if you wire it just as Adrian explained there is not much chance of damaging the dinoplex or the 123 ignition.
My setup with the MSD unit worked nicely, but it was not for long. I used it for about 8000km and it fried the 123 ignition rotor regularly. I think the output of the MSD was a bit to much for the 123 rotor. Also at some point it started misfiring so I ditched it.
The 123 ignition alone drove fine as well with a red bosch coil. It did perform well.
But I'm glad I'm back to the stock distributor again with a bosch module, the only conversion I see as a serious and reliable upgrade is a programmable MSD ignition with optical/hall sensor inside the distributor and a solid shaft without mechanical advance.
But anyway, I would just stay with the 123ignition for now with a tach adapter, that should work OK'ish.

By using a dinoplex or MSD ignition the resistance of the coil is not that relevant because these are CD-Ignitions. With inductive ignitions 12v is applied to the coil directly and energy is stored in the coil. With CD-Ignition systems the energy is stored in the ignition system and the coil only functions as a transformer
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Re: Fiat Dino Tacho

Postby Scalino » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:52 pm

Thanks for the personal experience and explanation Stefan. Not interested in regularly fried rotors, misfires etc. and the 123 ignition works fine, so we'll stick with the 123 ignition, add the adapter and hopefully have a working tacho.
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