Tire size for 2.0 coupe

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Tire size for 2.0 coupe

Postby GaryS » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:51 am

Specifically, 185-14 Michelin MXV or 205/70-14 Pirelli CN-36. I have had 207/70 tires before, but always thought they looked oversized. For many years I have used 195/70 tires and thought they worked well. My last appropriate set of tires were Pirelli P5 195/70 - they were well suited to the car with a stiff sidewall construction, but tires do not last forever! I replaced them with General Altimax touring tires and ... the grip is great for both cornering and braking, also excellent steering - quite the surprise considering how weak the sidewalls are. Running 36-37 psi is about right to optimally reduce the 'jiggle' effect when coming out of a curve. To better understand this visually if you were to go to the rear tire well and rock the body from side to side there is massive flex in the sidewalls, so as the tire patch sits firmly planted the bodywork is pitching around! Does anbody have experience with the 185 Michelins? Can anybody comment, from experience, on upsizing to the 2400 spec 205/70? If only - when i got this car 38 years ago it was on the original XAS tires - very dry rotted, steered like a truck. My Dad had a set of 205/70 CN36's in the garage from his MB that he told me to put on - steering woke right up! But i really have no comparative memory other than the P77's that went on afterward and were rather disappointing.
Other observations from my many years .. When I replaced the P5 195/70 on my former 2.0 Spider with modern (1999) Continentals, the car felt quite 'floaty' when driven appropriately. I did not think to raise the psi because of distorting the contact patch (bias ply dogma). Had I known I very likely would have kept the car! It was only dialing in these Generals that I had a good 'face palm'. Let me know what you guys think.
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Re: Tire size for 2.0 coupe

Postby Ribolla_67 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:44 pm

Hi Gary,

I choose the CN36 last summer for several reasons:
- they were Original Equipment and specially developed for the Fiat Dino (but due to the short development time of the 2.0, delayed and came just in time for the 2.4)
- the new compound is great on wet and dry roads - comparable with modern premium tires (you now the magazine test?)
- they look like 1970

After driving about 4000 km since, I have to say they are really great - safe under all circumstances and great fun to drive.

Enclosed some pics.

Wish you a wise decision!

Foto 11.JPG
Foto 10.JPG
Foto 6.JPG
Dino Oststeiermark 2.JPG
Foto 12.JPG
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Re: Tire size for 2.0 coupe

Postby patrizio » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:20 am

Looks great :o
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