1970 2400 Fiat Dino coupe for sale

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1970 2400 Fiat Dino coupe for sale

Post by pablogustav » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:58 pm

I have had this car for over 8 years and have completed an extensive mechanical refurbishment. It is an Arizona car with an excellent body, paint, exterior trim and interior. The car is by no means perfect; but you will be hard pressed to find any of these model cars in this condition and also having a new fully rebuilt engine. I will list all the specific items of the car as follows as I know that when I have purchased a car from far away I have appreciated the seller’s thoroughness with all points of the car being gone over and stated.


-all components disassembled, cleaned, walnut shell blasted and
-all engine parts and auxiliary parts painted.
-crankshaft journals line bored and all new main bearings.
-new oversized pistons and rings, cylinders bored and honed.
-new freeze plugs and complete new gasket set installed.
-cylinder heads pressure tested and resurfaced.
-cylinder heads line bored for resurfaced camshafts.
-all new camshaft bearings.
-new camshaft chains, tensioner blocks and cam chain adjusters
-all new valves (stainless steel), valve guides and unleaded
valve seats.
-all new block and head sensors.
-all fasteners, wire brushed and cleaned.
-all threads chased and cleaned and installed with anti-seize
where applicable.
-exhaust headers ceramic coated.
-exhaust system sand blasted and heat painted.
-cylinder heads re torqued and valves checked after 6 heat cycles.
-engine bay cleaned and painted.
-distributor rebuilt; new points, condensers, advance curve set
to factory specs.
-new Behr ignition coil.
-radiator recored; painted.
-carburetors, cleaned, all rubber components and gaskets
replaced and rebuilt.
-msd ignition installed (have original dinoplex unit as well).
-new spark plug wires.
-new fuel pump.
-transmission, flushed and seals replaced; exterior cleaned and
-flywheel resurfaced/ new clutch plate. New clutch cable.
-driveshaft rebuilt with new u-joints and driveshaft balanced.
-new clutch plate and throw out bearing.

-Bonaldi electric vacuum pump seals replaced (for power brakes)
-Bonaldi brake master cylinder and booster rebuilt.
-front and rear Girling brake calipers rebuilt with new pads.
-all new brake rotors and rear brake compensator.
-parking brake cables replaced.
-starter motor rebuilt.
-alternator rebuilt.
-windshield wiper motor rebuilt/original black wiper arms.
-trunk latch cable replaced.
-power window winder cables replaced, rerouted. (driver side is
-steering wheel restored.
-rear vent window pivot bearing replaced.
-passenger side dash wood panel replaced and power door switches replaced.
-new Yokahama tires.
-seat belts installed; front and passenger.
-underside surface rust; wire brushed, cleaned and undercoating


-all exterior stainless steel trim is in excellent condition.
-car was repainted at some point in its life; paint is in excellent condition with one very small ding on front passenger
-interior is stock and in excellent shape with these small
imperfections that I will list:
- a very small crack in the top of the dashboard (1” long).
-a hairline crack in the ceiling plastic visor frame on the
passenger side.
-some fraying of headliner on passenger side at the rear deck
round air vent.
-Round vents at top of dashboard are slightly distorted out of
-3 very small paint bubbles at the bottom of the passenger door
(about the size of a pencil eraser head); the only place that I
have ever found rust.
-horn not operable; still has to be hooked up; both air and electric horns present; non original horn button on steering
-heater fan is slow/ 2 scratches to windshield from wipers.
-windshield washer bag not hooked up.
-wiper retainer nuts are incorrect; not domed 1 x 7 mm.
-driver’s side window needs assistance being raised. Both power window cables were replaced, rerouted and greased; perhaps a new motor is required.

-I have new Bertone exterior emblem/badges but never installed
(prefer the uncluttered look).

-oil pressure gauge reads backwards. I received a new sensor from super performance UK but I believe it is for the 206 not the 246. I have a new sensor that is specified for the 246 but have not installed it.

-bertone badging on interior passenger side dashboard has been installed with correct power window switches.

I would like to get $67,000.00 or best offer. I have many photos of the restoration of the car on google photos that I can send a link to anyone who may be interested. You can give me a call as well @ 503.515.5502. I live in Portland Oregon USA; please feel free to stop by if you would like.
thanks so much, Paul

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Re: 1970 2400 Fiat Dino coupe for sale

Post by pablogustav » Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:52 am

Here is a link to a couple of photo albums about the car if anyone would like to take a peek.

https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM ... J6ZmJCRGlB

https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN ... BMeDh2N0d3

thanks much!

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Re: 1970 2400 Fiat Dino coupe for sale

Post by pablogustav » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:24 pm

Hello there,

I just wanted anyone to know that I have had much more work completed on the car if anyone is interested.

-The modern ignition unit has been mounted inside the dinoplex housing.
-wheels have been freshly painted.
-correct wiper fasteners have been installed.
-oil pressure gauge has been rectified and working properly.
-entire body has been wet sanded, clay barred, waxed and detailed; looks like new.

Price is negotiable; thanks very much!

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