Wanted: Electric underdash socket for 2400 Coupé

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Wanted: Electric underdash socket for 2400 Coupé

Post by Vravolta » Fri May 26, 2017 6:08 am

I'm looking for the electric socket that seats under the dash (left to the steering). It was meant according to the users manual to light up an accessory light. But according to discussions with Chris Obert, this might be a technical socket used to test bodies prior to send them to Maranello to install the mechanics.
This is item #22 on the page of the users manual that explains the functions of the various switches and this should be part number 4182462 on the parts book (section F4.01).
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I don't think this exists as new part somewhere as the accessory light that should go into it seems to have never been produced. I also think that this is quite risky to use it as mine burnt because it is not fuse protected. So, why would I like to get one? Just to avoid having that burnt thing under my dash while I still have easy access to it.

The part should be easy to get from any body used for parts as I guess the part being useless, it is not highly sought after. And for shipping matters, I live on the Swiss/French border so european customs and shipping costs should be better for me, but due to the low price this part should be, I think that shipping from any place in the world should also be fine.

So, if you own a coupé donor car, please have a look to check if you have that part ;)

I' also opened to exchange as I also have some parts available on my side.

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Re: Wanted: Electric underdash socket for 2400 Coupé

Post by Dinoswede » Fri May 26, 2017 6:05 pm

If your Dino is wired as from factory, the under-dash 12 Volts Power outlet is fed through fuse "O", feeding the horns, the clock, cigarette lighter, etc.

The actual electric contact is an older "12 Volts car accessories´ contact"- standard, similar to the "Cig-lighter outlet," but not the same. During the 60 -70ies´,
you could find suitable 12 Volts "map-reading lights" with a long cable at any petrol station. The long cable made them suitable for repairs under the hood,
or when changing a flat tire, as well. Many cars from the era had this "accessories´contact" as standard from factory.


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Re: Wanted: Electric underdash socket for 2400 Coupé

Post by ThomasK » Wed May 31, 2017 8:33 pm

Dinoswede is absolutely right. There is no factory test mystery on this. I also have bought one of These reading lights with Long cable-just to mhave it. These are still available. Maybe look in Camping acessories.
KR Thomas

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