Various used parts for sale from a 2400 coupé

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Various used parts for sale from a 2400 coupé

Postby Vravolta » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:59 pm

Now that my 2400 Coupé has been fully rebuilt, I have a few parts that might be useful for someone else:
- A clutch that was working prior to rebuild the car (but has been changed for a new one)
- A fuel pump
- A set of valves in good looking state (but for leaded fuel)
- A set of pistons that "look good" (replaced with high compression pistons)
- Some hand brake cables
- A speedometer cable
- A water pump that had been recently rebuilt but was replaced by a new one by the garage that did rebuilt the engine
- Various water and brake pipes
- The driver's side window with a small dent on the top (not visible when the window is closed)
- A non working origine clock (it seems that the second hand moves, but not enough to work)
- A rear left side turning indicator with plastic OK but needing some recoloration (the orange color turned to rose)
- A rear right side turning indicator with color OK but a small dent (both turning indicators passed the swiss collection MOT meaning they are OK for going on the road even if they are not perfect)
- a distributor
- 4 ventilated brake discs and corresponding pads: they were working prior to rebuild the car but have been replaced by new ones
- Many rubber parts in more or less bad state
- Some deep blue interior vinyl trimming: was replaced by same color leather during the rebuilt process: foams are in bad shape but the vinyl itself can be useful
- Front seats trimming in blue velvet: driver side in bad shape but some parts are reusable. Passenger side was quite OK. The rear trimming in fairly good sape except the top of the seat might be available in the future
- Used ivory ceiling
- Some wiper parts
- Various screws and electrical items (too many to list but if you can send me a photo of what you're looking for, I can check), sensors, spark plug wire harness are also available

Open to exchange or selling. List of things I might be interested by:
- trunk floor metal parts
- battery cover
- underdash light socket
- rearview mirrors (interior and exterior)
- wheel hub caps
- horn button (I have the red one and look for the black one)
- rear registration plate trimming
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