Coupe 2000 or 2400

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Re: Coupe 2000 or 2400

Post by Gaelicguy »

Too many motos and cars, not enough life left! :D
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Re: Coupe 2000 or 2400

Post by damien »


Does anyone have another opion on offers in my first post?

Do you think my 40k budget is correct for a car not perfect but in good conditions (especially mechanic and underbody)?

I prefer 2000 design. Furthermore, there are cheaper than 2400.
2000 is it a good choice?

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Re: Coupe 2000 or 2400

Post by Argonaut »

2.0 or 2.4 on the coupe makes a big difference, especially as the 2.0 needs higher revs to move this heavier car (in comparison to the spider) in a kind of sporty manner. The 2.4 engine has a much easier game with the coupe.
In terms of pricing and budget... very hard to say, as the more expensive car mustn't be the better one neccessarily and vice versa. One thing is for sure... restoration or work on the engine are expensive; this is where I would focus. Maybe you can find an expert in your area who can accompany you.
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