Rearview mirrors

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Rearview mirrors

Post by Vravolta » Sun May 19, 2019 3:31 pm

I know that our cars were not factory equipied with external rearview mirrors, however, I think everyone will agree they are a must by todays standards.
I own a 2400 coupé. I have holes on the doors, sign that those used to be the place where some mirrors were installed. However, when I've bought the car, the mirrors had been moved to the front wing. They are nicely placed so that I can see what is needed but I have 3 issues:
. that place is not the most beautiful place
- it is impossible to adjust the mirror while driving
- the wind moves my mirrors, thus, even if I take the time to set them correctly before going for a drive, this will not work more than 30 minutes

I think that my mirrors were removed from the door as they were nearly useless at this place, because of the small pillars we have with the triangle window.

So my questions are:
- Has someone had a good experience with mirrors put on the door and if yes, which model and where was it positioned exactly? (Picture would be appreciated).
- Whos has found beautiful and efficient mirrors?
- Has someone implemented a solution with wing mirror and remote seting? I've thought of Mazda Miata mirrors that have a nice look and can be remotely set.

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