Fuel Flap Gasket

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Fuel Flap Gasket

Post by 500 Dino » Mon Jan 27, 2020 5:43 pm

Hi guys.
Can anyone advise if my 2.0 1967 coupe should have this extra rubber trim inside the fuel filler flap?
I have the boot shape 4147518 that catches the spilt petrol but I can see on a 2400 Bodywork Spare Parts catalogue [thanks forum] that there should be part number 4167251 which looks like an adaptor to join the draining boot to the inner wing.
Should a 2000 have this too? I don't have a Bodywork Catalogue for the 2 litre [but would be happy to get a download of that too!]

Know where a new one can be bought?

All the best, hopefully you are all enjoying the constant problem fixing [my list grows each week]
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