2000 Clutch Release Issue

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2000 Clutch Release Issue

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I have an early 2000 coupe with a puzzling clutch issue.

The engine and trans were rebuilt, and a new clutch disc was fitted. We found the original pressure plate and throw-out bearing to be good, so we put it back together with a ew clutch disc.

The issue is that the clutch will not fully disengage when the clutch pedal is fully depressed. We have adjusted the linkage to maximum without burning up the throw-out bearing, but can not get quite enough to disengage the clutch.

We sent for a new pressure plate, but it is different that the original unit in 2 respects:

A. It does not have the 3 holes for the flywheel dowels; and

B. It has about 80 thousanths of clutch material on the center piece that goes against the throwout bearing. I have never seen this before.

Superformance does not have a pressure plate that has the 3 holes for the flywheel dowels. So either we use the ne they sent, or redo the old one (that worked well, but has not clutch material on the center surface.

We will need to remove the dowels in order to use the new pressure plate.


1. Should we reinstall the old pressure plate over the dowels and use a shim to get enough movement to disengage the clutch when pressing down in the pedal?

2. Can I remove the flywheel dowels and install the new pressure plate? Will the 80 thou of clutch material on the new pressure plate create enough movement to disengage the clutch fully?

We are stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mike in Chicago
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